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We handle MDU’s • SDU's • CPE's • Fibre Optic Splicing • Premises conduit Installation • Optical Network Terminal (ONT) • ISP Router installation • Attenuation Testing •Patch Panel Termination • Fault locating and more

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We offer all types of lighting equipment, from Outdoor & street lights to concert hall lights for events. With no doubt , we are the right supplier


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We offer cutting-edge video conferencing , boardroom equipment that bensures a proffessional and smooth running of any business enterprise.

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Afrocompass Telecomms is a 100% Black Owned Micro Enterprise operating in the telecommunications industry based in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Established in 2021, the company has been involved in a wide scope of technical aspects and has now evolved into focusing on the installation and maintenance of Fibre Optic Networks in both FTTH and OSP fields. The company employs skilled staff, certified by the Fibre Optic Association (FOA) and accredited by MICTSETA, providing our clients with professional and efficient Fibre Optic Solutions.

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Our Services

Optic Fibre Networking

 fiber optic cable is a network cable that contains strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing. They’re designed for long-distance, high-performance data networking, and telecommunications. Compared to wired cables, fiber optic cables provide higher bandwidth and transmit data over longer distances

CCTV Installation

CCTV camera is a fundamental tool that keeps your property secure, along with maintaining the well-fare of your company’s employees and operations. It promotes the safety of the space, reduces crime rates, as well as deters potential smash-and-grabbers from damaging your property

Optic TV Systems

Fiber optic is one of the most important technologies that use light. Fiber optic cables transfer the information from one end to another. One end of the fiber connects to a LED or laser that transmits information; the other end is connected to a device designed to recognize the incoming light

Audio & Lighting

Security lighting is lighting that intended to deter or detect intrusions or other criminal activity on a piece of real property.We also do audio installation in Recording Studios, Conference Rooms , concert halls etc

Our Vision

To be the leading telecommunications infrastructure technical service provider in South Africa, by installing and maintaining reliable infrastructure and high bandwidth capacity fibre optic and telecommunications cabling and equipment for our FNO’s and ISP’s, giving their customers excellent uptime and high-performance internet and fibre optic services.

Our Vision

To be of excellent service to our clients, help South Africans participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution and to empower South Africans with the skills they need to contribute to the ICT sector.

Our Value

Commitment to our Customers
• Leadership
• Integrity 
• Passion 
• Quality 
• Diversity and inclusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Optic Fibre TV

Fiber optic is one of the best options, and the price will usually reflect the quality. ... One, fiber optic television is much more reliable and usually higher quality than both satellite and cable due to the higher data transfer speeds.

How durable is Fibre Optic Network Connections

The glass strands in fiber optic cables are thinner than a strand of hair. Put that together with hundreds and you get a cable that is not only more durable than their copper cable counterparts but is also able to withstand weather conditions

Is Optic fibre Network disturbed by weather?

Due to fiber optics sending light beams down the thin strands of glass rather than electrical signals, these cables are not affected by weather changes. Rain, cold and extreme heat can affect traditional electrical signals but do not have any affect on fiber optics

How fast is Optic Fibre Internet compared.

Because fiber optic internet provides lower latency and is capable of downloading games and movies at a faster rate when compared to other internet connections, many support fiber as the ideal solution for both gaming and HD video streaming.

Why is CCTV Important?
  • Crime reduction. CCTV cameras have been proven to reduce crime when used effectively. ...
  • CCTV Is A Cost-Effective Solution. ...
  • People Feel Safer. ...
  • CCTV Doesn't Stop Crime. ...
  • CCTV Is Expensive And Can Be Broken. ...
  • CCTV Is Used To Spy On People.
What Powers CCTV and what if Electricity powers off?

During the installation of a security camera system, the cameras are wired into the wall and attached to the power. This is usually done by tapping into an existing electrical cable in the wall. However due load shadding, we also install backup UPS systems that allow 24/7 power on fr maximum protection.

24hr Support Service

Afrocompass Telecomms is however not limited to the above services and so makes use of partnered companies with qualified and skilled staff for larger projects involving backhaul deployment, OSP/Civil Works and projects requiring digging, drilling, micro-duct installations and blowing, providing our clients with a full turnkey solution. We looking forward to doing business with you.

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We employ only skilled staff, certified by the Fibre Optic Association (FOA) and accredited by MICTSETA, providing our clients with professional and efficient Fibre Optic Solutions.


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